Mister Organ

This isn’t going to become a reviews site, but I want to place some kind of marker down when I finish a book, or a show, or a game, or some other media. I want to remind myself about what I’ve finished, or motivate myself to finish things.

If I don’t have some impressions from it worth recording and sharing, then why did I consume it in the first place?

So I’m not going to tell you all about Mister Organ, David Farrier‘s documentary about a single, frightening human. I’m just going to write some notes about what really stuck with me.

I don’t think I’m going to include enough context for people to understand what I’m talking about independently, so what I’m writing is likely to be irritating because it’s a mixture of (a) spoilers, and (b) impressions that won’t even make sense if you haven’t seen it.

Like I said: I’m not doing it to write “reviews”.

The most haunting person in the entire documentary was not Organ himself, it was Jillian. She’s never apart from Organ, she has no voice of her own. She’s a ghost, she’s haunted by her partner, or he’s haunted by her. If she breaks free of that grip somewhere down the line, it’ll be fascinating and probably tragic to hear her whole story.

The scenes where Farrier is trying to interview Organ’s family are similarly harrowing. The vibe really was “I cannot talk to you, and I can’t even be seen to be considering talking to you.”

I guess the last thing that’s sticking with me — and probably with you — is “Do I know someone like that?”

It’s relatable enough that a name lept to mind, but I think the worst people I know are, thankfully, awful in different ways.

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